German Sugar Producer Optimizes Pallet Handling with CHEP

Cologne, June 22, 2017 – Nordzucker, one of the leading sugar producers in Europe, is now using CHEP for its logistics processes: the supply chain supply company supplies the Nordzucker with its high-quality rental pallets. With around 3200 employees at 18 European locations, Nordzucker supplies the food industry, retailers, and consumers with its range of sweet products. Under the European brand name ‘SweetFamily’, the dark blue packaging with colored markers for different sugar categories are characterized by their high recognition factor.


With around 112 million pallets in circulation

and around 315,000 customer

contact points in Europe alone,

CHEP is the market leader for 

 closed pallet pools in this region.


The change from the previous exchange procedure to the CHEP pooling system was preceded by an internal project, which first took a close look at the pallet management in two factories. When analyzing the processes, it soon became clear that pallet handling had been very time-consuming and at the same time a group-wide solution was sought. In order to identify improvement opportunities, Nordzucker subsequently carried out a detailed analysis of its logistics processes at 13 locations. In the same step, a team developed solutions to reduce the internal cost of storing, sorting, repairing and managing the pallets.

“We were not surprised that there were different solutions for the pallet management in our locations. This is also due to the country-specific requirements of our customers. At some of our sites, the processes concerned have already been optimized at the local level, but internationalization and therefore cross-border deliveries require standardization throughout the Group,” reports Dr. Ludwig Munzel, LEAN Coordinator and Head of the Pallet Management Project. After the definition of a requirements catalog for pallet management as well as optimization options, a group-wide solution was developed for retail customers and subsequently implemented.

Global solution for international shipper

For the implementation of the new concept, CHEP was chosen for several reasons: on the one hand, the supplier of supply chain solutions offered a comprehensive, international network. With around 112 million pallets in circulation and around 315,000 customer contact points in Europe alone, CHEP is the market leader for closed pallet pools in this region. Covering the entire surface and constant availability of pallets is thus guaranteed at all times. On the other hand, CHEP has been established with Nordzucker’s customers and other food manufacturers for years as a solid partner. With a view to the future, it is easy to realize synergies with regard to transport costs, for example by participating in transport collaborations.

“With Nordzucker, we are delighted to have gained a major role in the European sugar industry. Through our comprehensive customer base in German retail, but also in other European countries, we are ideally positioned to support Nordzucker with our supply chain solutions. “Share and Reuse” are not only part of our company philosophy, but also our long-term know-how, “explains Kai Derda, CEO of CHEP Deutschland GmbH.

Source: CHEP Deutschland/Google Translate