freshPACKmoves Packaging Event to Be Held in California

Phil Davis, Senior Manager of Fresh Supply Chain at Kroger will be one of two keynote speakers at an upcoming packaging event in Monterey, California. His presentation is entitled “Fresh Retail Solutions: Enhancing Protection of Perishables Through the Supply Chain.” The Packaging Program at Cal Poly, Dr. Jay Singh, Director, is presenting this seminar for the produce and perishable sector at the Monterey Marriott Hotel in Monterey, May 20 & 21, 2013.

Other names well known to reusable packaging circles include Dr. Paul Singh, and Michael McCartney of QLM Consulting. Dr. Paul Singh, who serves on the Cal Poly Packaging Program advisory board, is Co-director of freshPACKmoves. Michael, one of the featured speakers, will provide an update on the Food Safety Modernization Act and related technology.

For more information on that event, freshPACKmoves 2013, visit

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