FreshCo Sees Customer Service Benefits from CHEP Pallet Pool Program

FreshCo Ltd., a leading producer of orange and grapefruit juice, has extended its contract for pallet services with CHEP, an industry leader in pallet and container pooling solutions. FreshCo transports its Indian River Select brand juices from its processing facility in Fort Pierce, FL to supermarkets, club stores, wholesalers and foodservice distributors throughout the USA on CHEP pallets.

FreshCo first deployed the CHEP program in 1999 at the request of several retail and wholesale customers. The produce marketer has found that pallet pooling results in reduced product damage, improved productivity and enhanced worker safety.

FreshCo was founded by two entrepreneurs from citrus growing families, Cliff Burg, owner, CEO and 6th generation Floridian and Pat Schirard, President and 4th generation Floridian. In a time when the giant national juice companies have turned to blending offshore juices into their products, FreshCo’s Indian River Select™ was founded in 1996. Cliff knew that he could produce a juice that was of a higher quality and better taste than the brands he was buying in the local grocery stores. He signed on Pat, with his vast knowledge of the Florida citrus industry and Indian River Select™ was born in the heart of the Indian River Citrus District at the Ft Pierce Farmer’s Market. After many expansions and renovations its plant and headquarters still reside in the Farmer’s Market. Indian River Select™ began with small orders delivered to local grocery chains. Today our juice can be found in most major markets in the Southeast, but still remains one of Florida’s long kept secrets.

Patrick Schirard, President of FreshCo Ltd., said, “FreshCo started using CHEP pallets to satisfy the shipping requirements of many of our largest customers, but we have grown to become a committed partner with CHEP because of the overall supply chain solutions they provide our company.”

Schirard added that the CHEP program is now an important part of FreshCo’s environmental sustainable efforts. Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system as compared to other pallet options, each year FreshCo is reducing solid waste generation by more than 5,600 pounds, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by about 4,200 pounds and saving more than 122 BTUs of energy.*

CHEP USA Vice President of Sales & Business Development Dan Walsh said, “Fast-growing produce companies like FreshCo rely on CHEP so they can concentrate on developing their business and not worry about transport packaging. We appreciate the trust FreshCo has placed in us over the years and pledge to continue earning that trust with our products and services everyday.”

*Savings based on Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis of CHEP USA pallet pooling program conducted by Franklin Associates. The calculation is based on Franklin Associates, “Solid Waste Analysis And Life Cycle Inventory Of Pallet Systems,” 2009 Update.


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