French Furniture Distribution Chain Chooses LPR Rental Pallets

LPR-La Palette Rouge, the pallet-pooling specialist, has been chosen by BUT, a leading furniture distribution chain, to supply two of its three logistics hubs. The decisive factors were the quality of LPR’s pallets, its vast network and its quick response times.

BUT is now using the famous red pallets at two of its three logistics hubs in France. By choosing a pallet pooling solution, the distribution chain specialising in household equipment and furniture, has shown its determination to use a more environmentally friendly system than single-use pallets. The two logistics hubs are both located at Mer (Loir-et-Cher département).

The 60,000 m2 facility for domestic appliances and the 20,000 m2 one for home decor, have been using red pallets since January to supply the chain’s 230 stores throughout France. “We chose LPR for several reasons,” explains David Le Bozec, Supply Chain Manager for BUT. “The quality of its pallets, its network able to handle 140,000 pallet movements annually throughout France, the flexibility of its services and finally the speed with which we were able to set up the project.”

“The shared commitment of the teams from LPR and BUT played an important role in the success of the project, which took only two weeks to set up!” Le Bosec adds.

BUT has also developed and brought into service an additional module for its warehouse management system (WMS), enabling it to track pallets in circulation, including reception and shipping. As a result, both BUT and LPR know exactly what stock is available in real time. Calculating pallet needs on a weekly basis means that the pool is managed more efficiently. Discussions concerning BUT’s third logistics hub, in Lyon (Rhône département), are currently under way.

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