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A scene outside of a craft beer location in Vancouver, Canada. Keeping your eyes open is fundamental to securing free pallets. A word of caution, the pallets in the photo have “Property of…” wording which means you should pass on these ones.


Editor’s note: Do you have pallets you need to be removed? People looking for pallets have posted their contact information in the comment section below.

Wondering where to find free or low-cost pallets? I often receive inquiries about where to find such pallets to start a home craft project, or more steady sources of used pallets to generate work as a pallet street vendor or a pallet recycling business. Pallets available at no cost typically include unusual sizes, small qualities, or ones that are otherwise undesirable due to poor condition or appearance.

Ten Places to Find Free Pallets for Hobbyists/Crafters

Free pallets can be found in a great variety of places where pallets are emptied, or where they are disposed of. Once you become mindful of pallets, whether you see them being unloaded at a location or being set outside to rest against a wall, the possibility of securing a supply begins to emerge. Empty pallets might be the end result of a regular delivery cycle, such as the regular consignment to a feed and tack store, so once you develop a pattern, you can keep on going back to the same location on the day they typically are available. Unlike the regular delivery cycle, however, there are also “one-off” palletized deliveries that result in unwanted empty pallets. For those ones, it may come down to being in the right place at the right time.

The best pallets are in new condition, with clean, dry wood. Pallets which have been used several times can be soiled and stained. They are more likely to harbor bacteria, and thus are less attractive to the pallet hobbyist. For a pallet enthusiast looking for a weathered appearance, however, the latter just might be perfect.

Here are ten sources for free, clean pallets:

  • Bars and craft beer locations
  • Pet food stores
  • Feed & Tack stores
  • Stationary shops
  • Furniture stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Schools
  • Flooring stores
  • Other small retail
  • Construction sites

Ask Before Taking Pallets

Where only small quantities are available, or where the pallets are not one of the popular sizes such as 48×40”, then pallets are more likely to be happily released at no charge to the collector. It should be cautioned that pallets stored outside of a small business are not necessarily “free for the taking.” The pallet collector should receive permission from the business owner before removing pallets. Once you have established a relationship with the proprietor, however, the pallet enthusiast may be given blanket permission to come by and pick up empty pallets.

One cautionary note is the issue of pallet markings. If the pallet has an ownership stamp on it, such as CHEP, PECO, iGPS, Coca-Cola, U.S. Postal Service or others, then these pallets should not be removed. Such companies claim to vigorously enforce the property rights to their pallets, and you may find yourself charged with unlawful possession of them.

Also of concern are issues of contamination and safe handling. Please refer to the links immediately below to explore further.

Purchasing Used Pallets

In addition to finding old pallets, they may also be purchased – typically online. The Home Depot offers recycled pallets and disassembled recycled pallet kits, while pallet wood is also available on sites such as Etsy and CraigslistThis business offers old pallet wood to customers in South Carolina.

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Commercial Pallet Collection

Larger quantities of standard-sized 48×40″ pallets or other popular sizes often command a price. Small quantities of empty pallets are often picked up by pallet street vendors, commonly referred to as pallet pickers, who in turn, typically sell them to pallet recycling companies. Larger pallet recycling companies provide regular pickup or dock sweep services to businesses that regularly generate large quantities of empty pallets.

Larger generators of surplus pallet cores often have an expectation of being paid for them and may have an exclusive arrangement in place with a recycling company. You will soon get an idea of what prevailing market prices are for cores in your area, and these vary from region to region, depending upon supply and demand. The Recycle Record is a market report that provides regional information about recycled pallet pricing. In addition to price, pallet recyclers may also compete for cores with respect to service. The pallet recycler may be required to drop empty trailers for the business to load as it generates empty pallets, or to provide smaller quantity pickup if the business does not have the room or a dock door to facilitate storage of empty pallets inside or on a drop trailer.

For picking up smaller pallet quantities, pallet street vendors may use flatbed or pickup trucks, and sometimes utility trailers. Be sure to practice pallet handling safety. Use gloves to protect hands from slivers, use proper lifting techniques, including keeping the pallet close to the torso and back straight. Because pallets can often weigh 60 pounds or more, proper lifting techniques should be employed, utilizing the help of other individuals or lift equipment such as forklifts where available.

Larger recyclers often purchase pallets from pallet street vendors who accumulate pallets from small businesses. Typically they drop these off at the recycler’s yard, sorting them into appropriate stacks after arrival. Many recycling businesses now take safeguards to prevent any concern about dealing in stolen pallets. As such, they may require a photocopy of the street vendor’s driver’s license, and pay by check.



  1. Millie Rodriguez says

    I’m interested in getting free or low cost pallets. I live in Bayonne NJ. Please advise. My name is Millie Rodriguez 2012046475

  2. I’m interested in getting free

  3. I am interested in getting free pallets. I live in Bronx, NY (Throggs Neck Area)
    Thank you

  4. Carlton Smith says

    I’m looking for free pallets in the Cullman, Alabama area.

  5. Sandra Mathis says

    Needing… free.. pallets in ludowici or hinesville area

  6. Dot sikorski says

    I’d like to upcycle free pallets for my ceiling. If anyone has some I’m greatly appreciative. Chautauqua county new york. Thank you

  7. Adbenai palacios says

    I pick up free pallets and cardboard

  8. We got pallets all the time. If you can make it to Queens, NY, then you got free pallets to pick up. Reply on my email below if u seriously interested for further details.

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  10. Make it to Queens, NY, and very oftenly we have pallets to give away at no cost. If you interesred, email me for further details.

  11. Alan Catchpole says

    I am on SSI Disability and hsve just started collecting pallets to supplement my SSI check, wich if you seen one you would no why Imhunting pallets, where in Pierce County and or King County would be my best chances for finding pallets, 40 ×48

  12. I am looking for free pallets in the Somerset nj area

  13. James A Thomas Jr. says

    Looking for free pallets for kids craft projects

  14. I am looking for free pallets to upcycle for home decor. I am near clarksville TN.

  15. I have been desperately searching for pallets. I had a large collection that was stolen when I went through a nasty separation. I’m in the Huntsville, AL area. Any ideas where I might be able to find some free?

  16. Troy H Mizzell says

    Looking for free pallets in my area, and would like to be listed as the one who regular comes for them. I live in Hampton S.C.

  17. I am looking for free pallets, Tampa FL

  18. If you want free wood, skids, pallets etc…. please contact me at 717.295.6767. About every 2 months, we would have about 100 skids. You can pick them up for free. We are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

  19. Orchid Vega says

    I’m looking for just a few free palettes for a home decor project. I’m in SW Florida near Fort Myers. If you know of any places, PLEASE let me know. Thank you!

  20. We’re can I find free pallets in Ireland, Galway?

  21. Lynn Colvin says

    I asked a couple of companies about them buying my new pallets they wanted to give me 2.50. It costs over 20 to build. They insulted my intelligence but they didn’t get my pallets. Where can I sell and still make profit.

  22. Lynn Colvin says

    I called to places I’m Montana to sell new 48×40 pallets and they offered me 5.00 and in Idaho 2.50. They both insulted my intelligence but othey didn’t get my goods. If you spent a dollar on 8-1×8, 8$, 1-12′-2×4,5$ nails cutting the wood up an building them and then getting them to market. It’s insanity. They are thieves.whete can I sell them and still make a buck.

  23. Monique Van de Ven says

    I’m in need of 5 -6 Pallets. Any one with free Pallets in the Punta Gorda, FL33950 area?

  24. Looking for free pallets in Boston Massachusetts area

  25. Michael Roberts says

    How many pallets at a time?

  26. I’m looking for free pallets in the Melbourne, FL or Space Coast area. My intended purpose is to build my own pallet furniture & coffee bar area as well as a few craft items. Thanks!

  27. MATTHEW GIVS says

    I have 30 plus free pallets in Scott,La. Need them gone asap. Kept inside our warehouse.

  28. Jerese Bruce says

    Im collecting free pallets in the atlanta GA area. If anyone hasany to offer contact me. Please & Thank you.

  29. Looking for 48×40 for shipping

  30. IAM looking 4 free pallets 2 upgrade my bathroom &hallway!!

  31. Need low cost & good quality pallet wood near Delhi, India

  32. Tammy GRIFFIN says

    I’m looking for free pallets. I live in Walterboro SC

  33. I looking for free Palet in the Rochester area says

    I looking for free Palet in the Rochester area

  34. I looking for free pallets in Rochester area

  35. Todd Fegley says

    I’m looking for big/small amounts of free pallets in the Union,Snyder,Northumberland country regions of Pennsylvania, thanx,. Todd

  36. I am looking for free pallets in the Capitol District/Upstate NY area. Please contact at

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  40. Gloria McGraw says

    I’m in need of about 8 free pallets (48 x 40) for a make shift stage for a play. I live in Dallas, Tx

  41. I’m needing free pallets and Gaylord boxes. I’m in Greenville sc

  42. I need free 40×48 pallets and Gaylord boxes

  43. Tammy wilfong says

    Looking for free 40×48 pallets and Gaylord boxes I’m in Greenville sc

  44. Tammy wilfong says

    Looking for free 40x4and Gaylord boxes I’m in Greenville sc

  45. Looking for free pallets around the Augusta,Ga. area and I clean up

  46. Janine Thompson says

    I am looking for businesses that I can regularly pick up 48×40 wood pallets in the Kansas City, MO. Metropolitan area.

  47. Tammy wilfong says

    I’m looking to clean business up I’ll haul away pallets and Gaylord boxes for free on regular basis

  48. Morris Powell II says

    Im looking for pallets in the Vallejo to san jose area for pick up need help.?

  49. James Powell says

    Looking for free pallets 40×48 four ways WI’ll pick up for free greater milwaukee area you can reach me at 414-803-9282 serious inquiries only.

  50. T J White says

    Looking for free pallets in the Atlanta area and surrounding area like Temple, Bremen, Bowdon, Buckhannon

    I will pick them up out of your way.

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