Foxwood’s Packaging Assessment Tool Helps Clients Evaluate the Life-Cycle Cost & Environmental Impact of Different Packaging Media

Foxwood Business Services offers clients the opportunity to evaluate the comparative cost and environmental impact of one-trip versus reusable transit packaging.

Packaging Assessment Tool

Foxwood, independent of any packaging manufacturer, has developed the assessment application in order to provide clients with an unbiased view.

The life-cycle tool uses methodology developed in accordance with PAS 2050 principals and takes into account the impact of each step in the supply-chain, including the transportation method.

Working with clients, the Foxwood team collate the data necessary to evaluate packaging alternatives, be they cardboard, wood or plastic.  Up to ten different packaging types can be compared at the same time using the application.

The application generates a comprehensive analysis detailing the financial, waste generation and carbon impact of each packaging medium for each stage in a client’s supply chain.

With an annual and five-year summary, clients have the necessary information to make strategic packaging decisions based on the clear insight provided.

The application can also be used to compare different packaging designs, such as folding or nesting crates, and for comparing the RTP products of different manufacturers.


Kontrol™ Asset Management System

For clients seeking to better control their supply-chain equipment, including reusable transit packaging, Foxwood has also developed a leading asset management system – Kontrol™.

container tracking softwareKontrol™ enables any type of moveable equipment to be tracked and traced throughout all supply-chain locations.

The “Cloud” application enables all locations to work on the same platform, wherever located.

With comprehensive features for ordering, stock-taking, charging and serial-number tracking, Kontrol™ gives clients complete control over their moveable assets.

Foxwood are experts in Reusable Packaging solutions.  Foxwood Directors have first-hand experience of specifying and implementing reusable packaging solutions for major retailers, including Marks & Spencer in the UK and Coles Supermarkets in Australia.

Whether clients are seeking to convert from one-trip to reusable packaging or wish to getter better efficiencies from existing reusable equipment, the Foxwood team can help.

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