Forklift Competition Leader Passes

We at are sorry to report on the passing of Richard E. “Big Bug” Higgins recently. Higgins was the force behind the U.S. Open Forklift Rodeo, an event that under his leadership had become international in scope. You can read more at

What do forklift competitions have to do with reusable packaging? Actually quite a bit. Forklift rallies are useful in promoting safe equipment operation among competitors, and for raising awareness among co-workers of those participants. Skillful operation is an important consideration in reducing pallet and container damage caused by unintended impacts.

The Canadian Material Handling & Distribution Society hosts its 15th Annual British Columbia Open Forklift Championship May 5, 2012.   Check out some recent forklift rally photos.

For information on other forklift U.S. and international competitions, follow this link to




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