Forklift Batteries Stolen in Broad Daylight by Thieves Posing as Technicians

3/17/2012 – Birmingham, United Kingdom – Trucks Direct UK Ltd, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of quality used forklift trucks for sale and hire, comment on recent findings from a leading UK industry body which indicate that fork lift truck batteries worth thousands of pounds are being stolen, often in broad daylight.

The Fork Lift Truck Association sounded the urgent alert to all users of electric-powered forklifts, after receiving a wealth of confirmed reports about companies being tricked into parting with highly valuable lead-acid batteries, by criminals posing as engineers.

In one case, thieves convinced a company to use its own fork lift truck to help load the batteries into their van, before driving away. Other similar incidents are being reported across the UK, as the scrap value of the heavy traction batteries – weighing anything up to 2,500kg each – approaches £500 per tonne.

There are currently an estimated 200,000 electric-powered fork lift trucks working in the UK, with some companies also using additional batteries for multi-shift operations.

Simon Watkins of Trucks Direct UK Ltd, commented: “Thieves are interested in the scrap value of batteries rather than the retail cost, so any fork lift truck battery is potentially at risk. Our advice is to thoroughly check the identification and authority of any engineer visiting your site, and to ensure batteries are kept secure when unattended.”


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