Formed in 1995 and headquartered in Englewood, CO, Fluensee‘s logistics and RFID experience is being used to serve customers worldwide.

Fluensee’s RFID-enabled asset tracking and supply chain management solutions improve the visibility, control and optimization of a company’s mobile and fixed assets. Its flexible, hardware-agnostic software can provide solution-specific or enterprise-level systems allowing companies to use any technology to track any assets within one or multiple locations or departments. The web-based software is provided as both a perpetual license and as a SaaS based hosted application, both of which allow integration into existing systems and offer an unlimited amount of scalability.

Fluensee’s universal AssetTrack™ solution helps companies better monitor and utilize IT assets, returnable containers, high-value equipment and other business-essential assets in various industries. Fluensee Yard™ extends that visibility into distribution center and warehouse environments to better control trucks, trailers, switchers and loads as they move throughout the yard.

For more information, visit www.fluensee.com.

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