Fibertech Installs Ferry RS-4000 as It Looks to Double Production



Fibertech Inc. is excited to announce the installation of its new Ferry RS-4000 rotational molder, one of only a few new units in the country. With the continued growth of its customer base and expansion of its Elberfeld, Indiana location, the company is looking to double its production capabilities. This addition will allow Fibertech to expand into other markets, offer quicker delivery times and run larger parts. The company will be capable of producing items like chemical tanks, pickling tanks, kayaks, dunk tanks, pharmaceutical containers, outdoor living items, farm units and other unique custom parts.

Fibertech has been involved in the Plastics industry for 26 years and excels in customer service and product quality. Fibertech is creating environmentally responsible plastic solutions. Visit to learn more about Fibertech.