FHG Purchases Majority Interest in Cradle to Cradle Products

Leading European pallet manufacturer and pooler FHG (formerly Faber Halbertsma Group) has acquired a majority holding in Cradle to Cradle Products (C2CP). Netherlands-based C2CP utilizes local plastic waste flows to create high quality products. FLG states that the acquisition of a majority holding in C2CP is in line with its strategy to provide a range of sustainable products and services centered on pallets and boxes. One of those products include Cradle to Cradle plastic pallets, which are manufactured using recycled local plastic waste flows thus minimizing the carbon footprint of production.

“We place great importance on manufacturing pallets in a responsible and sustainable way and we are therefore enthusiastic about adding sustainably produced plastic pallets to our existing portfolio of sustainable wooden pallets,” says Ingrid Faber, CEO of FHG. The plastic pallets have also been deployed in FHAG’s pooling system for the chemical sector, and are receiving a positive response from customers.

C2CP is keenly looking forward to working with FHG. Sjra Smeets, co-director of C2CP, said: “FHG is a major player in the pallet pooling sector and places great value on sustainability and responsible production of pallets, offers Sira Smeets, co-director of C2CP. “The involvement of FHG with C2CP is consistent with FHG’s vision and our aspirations.” Joop Lemmens, co-director of C2CP, adds that producing pallets from upcycled waste materials allows C2CP to create excellent products that offer many benefits to users in terms of use, hygiene and reduction in CO2 emissions. The additional investment and pallet pooling expertise from FHG will help C2CP to build a more robust business.

FHG currently utilizes wood for its wooden pallets that originates from sustainably managed forests and is FSC or PEFC certified. The company’s pallet pooling activities allow for the continual reuse of pallets, thus reducing the consumption of raw material as well as waste generation. Wood is reused for other purposes at the end of the wood pallet’s life cycle, such as for chip board, bio-mass or the generation of bio-energy.

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