FHG Concentrates Pallet and Crate Production Activities

The Faber Halbertsma Group (FHG), parent company of the IPP Logipal pallet pool, plans to concentrate its production activities in order to organise total pallet and crate production in the Netherlands more efficiently. This is one way that FHG is working towards a more sustainable future for the company’s pallet and crate production and to maintain its firm position in the pallet industry, both now and in the future.

As part of this production concentration, the activities of the Halbertsma Pallets B.V. production location in Grou will be transferred to other locations, namely Faber Pallets B.V in Assen, Phoenix Pallets B.V in Hasselt and Naus Kisten & Pallets B.V. in Espel.

Employee relocation
“This concentration strengthens our group even further, but it was with pain in our hearts as a family to have to make this decision,” says Ingrid Faber, CEO of the Faber Halbertsma Group. “I personally learned about the pallet industry at Halbertsma and spent part of my career there. Halbertsma Pallets in Grou has been part of our company for almost thirty years and we truly regret having to discontinue all production activities there, not in the least due to the more than seventy employees who work hard for the company each and every day. So we are pleased to have been able to find a new workplace for virtually all of them at the other locations. This way, the Faber Halbertsma Group can keep these colleagues and their professional skills within the group.”

Improved production and logistics processes
The Faber Halbertsma Group has chosen to concentrate production activities in the Netherlands in order to work more efficiently and serve our customers better and more quickly. The concentration of production activities further optimises the production process and allows us to achieve maximum synergy. As a result of this concentration, FHG is closer to its customers geographically, which also results in more streamlined production processes. “We hold a strong position in the international pallet market,” explains Faber. “By organising the production and logistics process in this manner, we can better respond to the current and future demands of our customers and, consequently, further reinforce our strong position.”

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