Extended Length Collapsible Bulk Container Offered by RPP Containers

RPP Containers is now offering a 90” long reusable container now available as a standard product.


Previously, the 90″ long container has generally been a custom product order, one that also came with a long lead time. Now, however,it is being offered by RPP Containers as a stock item.

The company, a leading manufacturer and stocking distributor of reusable plastic bulk containers has introduced its new DuraGreen® DGX 9048 extended length collapsible bulk container. The heavy-duty, plastic bulk container, which measures 90” in length, is offered as a standard item on a limited basis. The container is perfect for shipping and handling long, bulky items such as exhaust systems, suspension components, tubing, and other such parts.

“Collapsible containers of this length generally can only be purchased as a custom order, which means the customer pays a premium price and waits weeks to receive the product,” says Eric Stein, vice-president, RPP Containers. “That’s not the case with the DuraGreen DGX 904834-2. We have a production process that’s much shorter than most and we’ve established standard pricing for the product; two key factors that translate to a quicker delivery and a potential cost savings for the customer.” The product will be available on a limited basis.

Dimensions for the DGX 904834-2 are: 90”L x 48”W x 34”H (inside dimensions are: 86”L x 44”W x 27”H). The heavy-duty containers are extensively reinforced to withstand wear and tear and the abuse of a tough environment. The bulk unit conveniently folds to a height of 13” to increase storage and shipping efficiency. A second model in the series, the DGX904842-2 with an interior height of 35” is also available. Optional covers are also available.

RPP Containers offers a full range of bulk container products and services; RPP brands include: DuraGreen® premium bulk containers and RefurBest® high-quality, pre-owned bulk containers. Bulk Container Express®, the company’s online catalog, provides customers a 24/7 user-friendly ordering capability. The company’s Bulk Container Recycling™ division recycles reusable plastic bulk containers.

For more information, please visit www.rppcontainers.com.

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