Export Pallets: Canada – U.S. ISPM-15 Exemption to End by 2014

The ISPM-15 exemption for solid wood pallets and packaging material will endure a year longer than the recently anticipated target of 2013, according to new reports.

Both the Canadian Wood Packaging & Container Association (CWPCA) as well as Gord Hughes of Wood Packaging Solutions Inc. are reporting this week that the U.S. now intends to implement ISPM-15 for U.S. – Canada shipments “no earlier” than January 2014. It recently was reported that implementation would take place in 2013, a year later than the earlier targeted 2012 implementation.

The intention to remove the exemption was met critically by groups such as CWPCA, which believed that  ISPM-15 compliance costs of $30 million to the Canadian pallet industry and a one-time $300 million expense to Canadian pallet users would result. CWPCA suggested that costs would be similar for U.S. participants.

When CPWCA recently asked for an update on the U.S. plans, USDA said the proposed rule is in departmental review to address all issues, but that “full implementation is not expected before 2014.”

ISPM-15 requirements in Europe are also currently under review.

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