Reusables Workshops Explosion!

The next few months will bring on an unprecedented number of reusables workshops, in industries ranging from dairy, bakery, beverage, automotive, and of course a major event presented by the Reusable Packaging Association.

And clearly, in aggregate, this must be considered a win for the reusable transport packaging community. The most important components of succeeding with reusables are to celebrate successes, raise awareness, and to build momentum. That being said, please check out the links below, and attend one of these sessions if you can.

Myself, I plan on attending the RPA, but hopefully I will have news to report from the other events as well.

ABA Hosts Best Practices in Returnable Asset Management Seminar

Beverage Industry Hosts Returnable Container Management Session at InterBev

Reusable Plastic Crates: Driving Sustainability in the Dairy Supply Chain

Unwrapping the Packaging Gold Mine (Automotive Reusables)

RPA Presents Educational Session at PACK EXPO

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