Exhibition Highlights RFID Benefits of Reusable Packaging for Baas Plantenservice

At the RFID Exhibition arranged by reusable packaging provider Container Centralen (CC) at NH Hotel in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, on 14 December, Baas Plantenservice presented the very significant benefits that they gain by using the RFID technology actively in their business. Clearly, this was very inspiring for the other participants.

RFID for reusable packaging

Networking at the Horticultural RFID exhibition in Hoofddorp, 14 December 2011.

CC, RFID event exhibitors and visitors are now gathering all the input and feedback that was shared at the Horticultural RFID exhibition at NH Hotel in Hoofddorp, on 14 December. Hosted by CC and coinciding with the scheduled International Project Group meeting, the stage was set for a day of valuable knowledge-sharing and unrivalled networking opportunities.

The RFID event was organised to provide CC Container users with further knowledge on how RFID can be applied directly to their business operations. More and more growers, transporters etc. have integrated the RFID technology into their wider business processes to ensure that their CC Container assets are protected.

One such company who draws significant benefit from the RFID technology is Baas Plantenservice, who gave a very inspiring key note speech on their experiences with their planned RFID implementation. After successful testing of their pilot programme, RFID will play a key role in all their business procedures from the beginning of 2012. RFID is expected to significantly reduce the problems that exist in many horticultural enterprises, such as manual errors in relation to order tracking and asset preservation.

“The use of RFID creates transparency in our supply chain. At the same time we avoid poorly written order slips and delivery notes, while being able to prevent lost CC Containers and corresponding replacement fees, which is a major benefit for us,” explains Ad van de Wijdeven R.M., CEO of Baas Plantenservice.

Roadmap to Success

The International Project Group (IPG) this time got even more specific about how to resolve the issues affecting all CC Container users – the growing number of fake, poor quality shelves needing repair. A dedicated working group within IPG has now been established with the sole purpose of defining what scenarios could be potential solutions to the shelf repair challenge.

The working group convenes again on 11 January, 2012, and will be present their findings at the upcoming IPG meeting on 18 January 2012. The aim is to structure a clear roadmap for how to secure the CC Container pool in the future.

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