European Logistics Management Launches Pallet Retrieval Program for Barratt Developments

The construction industry has long posed challenges in terms of retrieval and reuse of empty wooden pallets. This situation is slowly changes, however, with initiatives from companies such as European Logistics Management (ELM). Britain’s leading house builder, Barratt Developments, has joined forces with ELM, a member of the Scott Group, to launch a specialist pallet repatriation service for all its building projects across the UK.

John Adams, Group Procurement Director at Barratt Developments, said: “As part of an initiative to reduce packaging waste produced on our sites, we identified significant environmental and cost saving benefits associated with returning wooden pallets to suppliers for re-use. I believe this initiative will benefit all organisations using pallets as a packaging and transport medium, and is also a very positive environmental statement.”

All suppliers to the Barratt Group, which includes Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes and Ward Homes, will be required to mark pallets with an identifier that will enable ELM to return them to source.

Michael Noble, Managing Director at ELM, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Barratt Developments on this exciting new service. This initiative is absolutely in line with the industry’s objective of reducing packaging waste and promoting the re-use of transit packaging. The service is being implemented by Barratt Developments prior to the publication of the industry’s Packaging Resource Efficiency Plan. This highlights Barratt’s proactive approach and determination in addressing the sustainability demands of its market.”

ELM is a reverse logistics specialist committed to the on-going development of a cost effective solution for the sustainable use of wooden pallets and packaging specific to the requirements of the construction industry’s suppliers and their customers. ELM offers various pallet pool services across a range of sectors including specification evaluation, tracking, tracing and recovering transit packaging from market. Services include inspection, repair and refurbishment of transit packaging as well as statistical analysis of packaging specification performance.

To find out more about services available from ELM visit: or call 0800 282 488.

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