Euro Pool System Goes Overseas

For the last few months, Euro Pool System has been sending trays to countries such as Chile and New Zealand. Pedro J. Hernandez Aliaga, Overseas Manager of Euro Pool System explains: “We started this project with a German retailer in order to improve the standardization of their pool. This initial step also included other countries such as Argentina and South Africa. We anticipate that more non-European countries will join the project in the future. Other retailers, which are involved in other projects, are also interested in packing their products in our trays, even if the countries are a long way away. They have already expressed interest in the potential for countries in Central America, such as Costa Rica.

“We believe that there is a huge potential outside our European borders, for instance in South America, Central America and South Africa. We expect to gain more experience in the coming period. Quite apart from these recent developments overseas, we were already actively improving our position in countries such as Turkey, Greece and Marocco. We started our activity in these countries some years ago and are looking for the best way in which to provide our customers with a very good service.”

Source: Euro Pool System

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