Euro Pool System E-Web Provides Customer Insight

With more than 600 million rotations a year, Euro Pool System is Europe’s market leader in the area of returnable crates for fresh products. Euro Pool System’s activities are also oriented towards providing logistic services. The special E-Web application is a good example. All Euro Pool System’s customers get access to this user-friendly application on Euro Pool System’s website, where they can work with the three main functions of the E-Web: Flow, Ordering and Invoicing.

Insight into flows

Margit van Alphen, Euro Pool System’s Functional Analyst explains that: “The Flow function was the first to be developed. It gives users an ideal lever to chart container flows. They easily fill in how many crates – and of what type – are on their way to their customers (whether full or empty). They can then closely follow the transport flows. The receiver in turn fills in the arrival date of the crates, also checking the quantities so as to directly be able to spot any eventual differences. The user can then via the Flow function request a number of overviews. These PDF files can be immediately printed, like the lists with information about how many crates are on their way, how many have reached their destination and how many are eventually missing. Easy but crucial to have a good overview.”

Electronic orders

The E-Web Ordering function makes it possible for customers to place electronic orders for Euro Pool System’s crates. “So no more hustle and bustle with faxes and phone-calls”, continues Van Alphen. “Users can simply place their orders on the E-Web user-friendly Ordering page and fill in the number and type of crates they need, the distribution station they prefer and whether they come to pick up the crates themselves or Euro Pool System has to arrange for delivery. With just one click, they can place their order and we can respond to our customers’ needs quickly and flawlessly. What’s also handy for users is that they can check and follow the order status online as well as print pick-up forms and order vouchers very easily. That saves a lot of back-and-forth paperwork. And just like with the Flow function, the Ordering function offers a number of useful overviews: what does the customer have in stock, how many crates are in transit and which orders are still outstanding.”

Financial transactions

Last but not least, financial transactions are the central point in the E-Web’s third function – Invoicing. Users fill in a dedicated page with the amount and type of crates that are on their way to a receiver. This information coupled to the flow data allows Euro Pool System to invoice the receiver and credit the supplier. In the near future, customers will also be able to display their invoices via the E-Web. They will not receive their invoices only per post any more, but also via an e-mail. We are also working on a system that will give customers an overview of what they still have to pay.


Patrice Jorge, Euro Pool System France Sales Manager is hearing positive echoes from his customers regarding the E-Web application. He summarises the reasons why customers are so delighted with the system as follows: “Simply said, via the E-Web customers have insight into how many crates are expected to come in and how many are scheduled to go out. And crates are money, let’s be honest. Customers pay a € 3,86 deposit per crate, for example. If a crate gets lost, they lose their deposit as well. These are costs that can be prevented by knowing exactly where the crates are. The E-Web application offers them this kind of control.”


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