Euro Pool System Celebrates 20th Anniversary

December 2012 marks the 20th birthday for Euro Pool System – which it dedicates to all users of the Euro Pool System tray. Working in collaboration with Europe’s leading retailers, Euro Pool System has consistently contributed to the development of optimal logistic solutions – saving cost and expediting delivery.

Twenty years ago, on the 9th December 1992, Euro Pool System was established. Three packing pools associated with the cooperative growers associations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany wanted to end the logistic inefficiency in the fresh products supply chain. They joined forces to develop a standard container for fruit and vegetables. The super resistant, blue, reusable tray in four different sizes was born, transforming the way fresh fruit and vegetables can be distributed.

Other products
Before long, there were millions of blue Euro Pool System trays circulating the markets and supply chains of Europe and its use increased year by year. Nowadays, the trays are not only used for fresh fruit and vegetables, but also for fish, meat, bakery and convenience products. Retailers have discovered the advantages of packaging standardisation and the tray is now widely accepted across Europe.

Foldable container
In 1997 Euro Pool System launched a further innovation: the foldable container, a collapsible version of the rigid container. It is stackable – just like the rigid container – but with up to 86% less volume when folded, it is thus considerably more efficient in the return logistics supply chain. The foldable container was received with the same enthusiasm as its rigid counterpart.

Green trays
For the German market, Euro Pool System developed a new tray in 2005 following the request of the retail segment and highlighting the environmental and sustainable nature of the product.

Growth continued at a steady pace, and at the beginning of 2011, a record high of 600 million rotations per year was reached. The takeover of palletpooling specialist LPR provides Euro Pool System and LPR with enhanced capacity to grow in core markets. By integrating logistics and customer networks, Euro Pool System is looking to further reduce transport kilometres and carbon footprint – two results that benefit the whole fresh-product supply chain.


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