(ESD) Electrostatic Discharge Equipment

(ESD) is Electrostatic Discharge. The buildup of ESD occurs as a result of an imbalance of electrons on the surface of a material. Such a buildup develops an electric field that has measurable effects on other objects coming into contact with each other

ESD related failures manifest in a number of ways such as junction leakage ,shorts, burn out, rupture, fusing, to name a few.

The contrak (ESD) crate is manufactured to eliminate ESD charge for the crate’s life. Contrak are manufacturing a new range of plastic crates for general industry and the electronic component industry. The crates are made in four interlocking sizes. The main advantage of the contrak crates is they are made to EDS specifications or anti static with the result the elimination of ESD and will not affect the delicate electronic component parts or electronic instruments parts

Contrak is the supplier of ESD crates to major automotive venders in Australia such as Robert Bosch and Hellas Australia.

For more information, visit www.contrak.com.au.


  1. Christina Rogers says

    Good afternoon, I’m looking for a 30x20x17cm (outer dimensions)//27x17x16.5 (inner dimensions) crate. I have an estimated forcast of 1500 pieces. Also, do you sell is USD?

    thanks you,