Equipment Tracking Solution Provider KONTROL Launches New Website, Announces New CEE Sales Agent

Reusable equipment tracking and mangement expert Kontrol AMS Limited announces the launch of the new-look KONTROL website:

Kontrol is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application developed by industry experts to provide all the necessary functionality for managing and tracking reusable handling equipment; between locations; between companies; across geographic boundaries.

Kontrol is easy-to-use and rapid to deploy, enabling seamless supply-chain adoption, particularly when this can involve multiple business partners in different countries.

The system is cost-effective and scalable, suitable for the SME sector, yet perfectly capable of handling global enterprise requirements.  

A $billion global logistics company has been using Kontrol since 2014 and recently renewed their contract for a further term.  They use Kontrol to track and manage large folding containers between China, India, South Africa, Europe, and Russia.  The containers are used to transport automotive components from manufacturers to assembly plants, with the return logistics loop managed by the logistics company.

The functionality of Kontrol is impressive and includes:

  • Unlimited item types
  • Multi-component assemblies (kits)
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited users
  • Ordering
  • Order fulfilment
  • Charging (e.g. Trip fee, issue fee, daily rental, deposit/refund, one-off  deposits, transport)
  • Location-level  visibility of transaction charges
  • Invoice data generation
  • Serial number tracking (Barcode, RFID, vision-based systems)
  • Stock audits
  • Languages
  • Multi-browser, multi-platform (desktop, tablet, smartphone)

Kontrol is a fully-hosted solution with full support.  Comprehensive training ensures customers can be self-sustaining in maintaining their dataset, with support given as and when required. Kontrol is the registered Trade Mark of Foxwood Business Services Limited.

CEE Agent Appointment – Kontrol AMS Limited

Kontrol AMS Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Marcin Tokarczyk as their Sales Agent for the Central and Eastern Europe Region.

Marcin will be helping develop and serve new business opportunities for the Kontrol application across this region, covering a wide range of industry sectors.

Marcin has a unique combination of Procurement Management, Sales Development and Business Consulting experience with over 20 years in Retail, FMCG, Returnable Packaging & Supply Chain as well as Industrial areas.

Having previously worked with some of the leading plastic manufacturers of material handling equipment, Marcin has an excellent understanding of the reusable equipment sector and is an excellent complement to the Kontrol Team.

Kontrol AMS Limited is the subsidiary of Foxwood Business Services Ltd, specialising in the provision and development of the Kontrol application. Foxwood Business Services Limited, registered in England & Wales, company number: 06018966 are logistics, management, and financial consultants.  

Source: Kontrol AMS Limited