EPAL Promotes Quality Standards at SEMA Annual Standards and Regulations Seminar

At the annual Standards and Regulations Seminar this year, Paul Davidson, CEO of EPAL in the UK and Ireland delivered a presentation to the full membership of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) about the Importance of Quality Standards for both new and used pallets.

EPAL is the largest pallet pool in the world with 500 million pallets in use and 70 million added annually. In the UK EPAL grew by 22% in 2008, and 14% in 2009.

Paul Davidson states ‘ Both organisations are committed to improving safety in the workplace, by maintaining stringent quality controls throughout the supply chain – whether that be through the manufacture and installation of racking, or the manufacture and repair of pallets to sit on them’.

David Corns of SEMA agrees ‘ Paul’s presentation covered some of the things to watch out for in pallet design and build, including symbols on the side of the pallets and what they mean from a safety point of view.

Both associations are proactive in addressing safety issues in their respective industry sectors and are keen to continue to develop initiatives which effect their causes.

EPAL notes its new size 1000 x 1200 pallet compatible with UK standard distribution, and that the organization has the toughest quality control in the world, with all partners receiving unannounced visits from independent inspectors at least monthly.

Recent research indicates that using EPAL pallets can be 25% cheaper than renting pallets.

Source: BREPAL

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