EPAL Produces 63.5 Million Euro Pallets

EPAL celebrates the production of 63.5 million Euro pallets during last 12 months

epal1The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) has announced the production of 63.5 million EPAL Euro pallets in the last twelve months under its licence, while the number of repaired wooden pallets registered 21.5 million. EPAL Euro pallets fulfil the uniform international quality criteria and are exchangeable without restriction. “The EPAL pallet is a success story,” summarizes Martin Leibrandt, Chief Executive Officer of EPAL.

“Our claim – to be leading the open Euro pallet exchange pool, in particular with respect to quality and pallet volume – has been more than impressively confirmed,” enthuses Leibrandt. “The EPAL Euro pallet has further developed and strengthened its ground-breaking position on the market. The production of 63.5 million EPAL wooden cargo carriers attests to their fundamental importance to the users.”

The production of the EPAL Euro pallets with the logo on all four corner blocks began twelve months ago. Their high quality is guaranteed by the independent testing institute Bureau Veritas, which conducts regular and unannounced inspections of all licence holders. This ensures that EPAL pallets, produced from the sustainable raw material wood, have a long service life and are suitable for use in automated warehouses.

Leibrandt estimates that the increase in licence holders has also contributed to the high production figures for EPAL Euro pallets. Since August 2013 EPAL has approved 48 new licence holders, whilst discussions with further potential partners are ongoing.

“We are experiencing extensive interest in particular in countries in which we have been unable to work actively in the past”, Leibrandt adds. Eastern Europe is an especially important future market for EPAL. Since summer 2014, EPAL has been supported in its efforts to enhance its profile in the region with the recruitment of two new employees: Dana Babusikova, EPAL representative in the Czech Republic, and Eva Johnson, EPAL representative in Hungary, are working to maintain contact with current licence holders and establish new contacts.

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