EPAL Pallet RFID Project in Phase III (Preparation for Roll-Out)

EPAL is on track to provide RFID tagged pallets in 2012, according to Jean-Marie Tanguy of Sypal, Syndicat National des Fabricants de Palettes en Bois, the association of wooden pallet manufacturers in France. In a presentation covered in Strategies Logistique, Tanguy indicated that EPAL is currently in Phase III of its RFID initiative (Preparation of roll-out), producing “tens of thousands of pallets” in Switzerland.  One of the challenges has been the best location for tag placement. They are relatively satisfied with three locations, according to Mr. Tanguy.

Sypal Jean Marie Tanguy

Francepal’s Joliveau and Sypal’s Tanguy, at right. Photo courtesy of Planetpal.net

A 2010 presentation by EPAL indicated that placement would be on adjacent pallet sides.

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