Environmental Benefits of Timber Pallets and Packaging: New film from TIMCON

TIMCON has released a film on the economic and environmental benefits to businesses of timber pallets and packaging, the fourth in a series that aims to educate people involved in supply chains about the advantages of using timber, particularly in cost and environmental terms.

TIMCON President John Dye said: “There is a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding about the use of timber in many sectors, not least pallets and packaging. But the facts are incredibly straightforward: if you use timber pallets and packaging, it is better for the environment and improves your bottom line. Timber is less expensive and it is the only widely used material that, by using it, actually reduces a company’s carbon footprint.

“We’ve made this film to present these indisputable facts clearly to those who benefit from using timber in their supply chains – and also to those who will benefit from supporting timber as the most economically viable and only truly sustainable choice.”

The film is also being used to inform policy-makers and has been uploaded to the ePolitix system used by politicians and their researchers. It includes the Wood. for good “Wood Co2ts Less” logo, echoing its central theme.

“We are encouraging all our members to use these messages and to use the film wherever possible. It is important that everyone in the timber industry understands that the material we produce is, by its very nature, the most attractive choice for pallets and packaging. By encouraging customers and other stakeholders to watch this film, they can play a vital part in supporting their industry and ensuring that businesses make the right choice of material in their logistics chains.”

The film can be viewed on YouTube with a search for TIMCON.

For more on TIMCON, please visit: www.timcon.org.

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