enviroLid Eliminates Need for Stretchwrap on Pallet Packs and Unit Loads

Creative Techniques’ new, proprietary enviroLid is an environmentally friendly solution for eliminating stretch wrap on pallet packs and unit loads. Featuring a unique, patented ratchet mechanism with established performance in Europe and North America, this robust structural foam plastic reusable packaging lid is designed for use with virtually any 45” x 48” pallet. The secure, positive engaging ratchet mechanism firmly retains the load by creating tension between the lid and the pallet, but which is easily undone with only one hand. And with metal hooks designed specifically for each client’s pallets, the enviroLid is capable of being used with injection molded, structural foam, thermoformed, metal, and even wood pallets.

The cost savings related to the use of the enviroLid include:

– Elimination of stretch wrap and banding
– Ends solid waste disposal related to expendable packaging
– Eliminates labor required for wrapping, unwrapping and banding
– Frees-up floor space formerly needed for stretch wrap equipment and materials
– Reduces product damage caused by razor knife use when removing stretch wrap
– Ends lost time caused by safety issues related to the use of razor knives in the workplace.
– Reduces overall material handling costs

Superior features and attributes of the enviroLid include:

– One-piece design
– No wells or recesses to collect water if stored outdoors
– No seams to leak
– Recessed wells on sides protect ratchet cassettes
– Ratchet cassettes are easily removed for service
– Ergonomic handles on two sides
– Extended perimeter lip in corners to contain totes and boxes
– Unique rib pattern underneath retains wide variety of totes, containers and boxes.
– Environmentally friendly, efficient, and durable, the enviroLid is the cost effective and sustainable solution to your reusable packaging requirements.

The four simple steps to use the enviroLid:

Place the enviroLid on the pallet pack.

Draw out the hook and strap.




Attach the hook to the bottom of the pallet.

Use the ratchet handle to tighten the handle and secure the unit load.

For more information, visit www.creativetechniques.com.

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