iGPS Announces Agreement With Enfora, Provider of Asset Management Solutions

ORLANDO, Fla., June 10 /PRNewswire/ — Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company, LLC), has announced a long-term agreement with Enfora to incorporate its technology into iGPS’ asset tracking and tracing platform, further enhancing its management and control of iGPS pallets. Under the terms of the agreement, iGPS will equip its pallets with Enfora’s Spider® AT asset tag and will utilize Enfora’s asset management software to assist in managing those pallets.

The Spider® AT is a battery-powered, wireless tag that will be used to retrieve critical information about iGPS’ pallets, including iGPS-defined alerts, specific events and pallet location. Enfora’s asset management software provides the connectivity between the Spider® AT and iGPS’ existing backend applications, enabling iGPS to enhance its management of pallets in the field.

“We have been using Enfora’s hardware and software for several months and have been extremely pleased with the enhanced visibility it has provided, enabling us to identify the precise location of iGPS pallets,” said Bob Moore iGPS Chairman and CEO. “This is a powerful and extendable tool for us, and our customers will appreciate its effectiveness.”

“We are very excited that iGPS has selected Enfora’s asset management solution to enhance the real-time management of their pallets, and we look forward to supporting the strong growth in their business for many years to come,” said Mark Weinzierl, President and CEO of Enfora.

Launched in 2006, iGPS has brought to market the first advance in pallet rental in six decades—highly engineered, discretely traceable and 100 percent recyclable all-plastic rental pallets that are “lighter, stronger, safer and greener” than pallets made of wood. iGPS pallets are 30 percent lighter than pallets made of wood and are vastly better for the environment. Unlike wood alternatives, iGPS pallets do not absorb liquids that can cross-contaminate food and they cannot harbor wood-boring insects which have seriously damaged North American forests. iGPS plastic pallets are exceptionally durable and maintain their standardized 48″ x 40″ dimensions throughout their life, making them ideal for automated environments.

About iGPS

iGPS operates a pallet rental service providing shippers and receivers with all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags. iGPS’ state-of-the-art pallets are 30 percent lighter than wood, which saves on transport costs and helps reduce green house gases. Its pallets are also more hygienic, easier to handle and, because they eliminate protruding nails and splinters, reduce workplace injuries and damaged equipment. Embedded RFID tags enable shippers and receivers to track and trace shipments. And iGPS pallets are 100 percent recyclable. Launched in March 2006, the company has created nearly 2,000 new green jobs in the U.S. and is led by pallet and supply chain veterans with decades of experience. iGPS (www.igps.net) is headquartered in Orlando, FL.

About Enfora

Enfora is a leading provider of wireless networking solutions that enable enterprises to access, analyze and leverage information from their geographically dispersed assets. Our solutions, consisting of embedded wireless software, network edge wireless platforms – embedded and integrated – and enterprise software, are based on our distributed intelligent architecture that provides a valuable link between an enterprise and its remote assets. Enterprises deploy our solutions for location-based, monitoring and control, and asset management applications. For more information, please visit www.enfora.com.

SOURCE Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS)

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