Empty Case De-Palletizing System from Westfalia Deam Eliminates Stack Tipping

The newly designed compact Plastic Case Stack De-Palletizing System from Westfalia Deam Systems de-palletizes 3-4 dairy pallets (40” x 40”) per minute, each with 9 stacks of empty plastic dairy cases, for a maximum throughput rate of 180 cases per minute. Capable of handling stacks palletized, unitized, or a combination of both, the De-Palletizer design utilizes a clamp and lift technology unlike a stack pusher typical of other de-palletizing systems. This clamp & lift technology maintains full stack control, eliminating stack tipping, which is a major concern for users. All components of the system are constructed of stainless steel materials making this compact Case De-Palletizing System ideally suited to the wash-down environments found in the dairy, beverage and bakery industries where uniform plastic case stacks are handled.

This de-Palletizing clamping technology clamps the stacks from the side and discharges the empty pallet to an automatic pallet stacker. The side clamps are released and the stacks are gently placed onto chain conveyors. The stacks then travel to a 3 to 1 merge zone and are single lane released to Westfalia Deam De-stacking units capable of handling 12 stacks per minute.

With its modular construction this De-Palletizing system can be installed quickly and easily into existing empty case receiving areas. Its compact design utilizes a smaller building footprint (approximately 10’x15’), saving space for other dairy needs.

For more information, contact Westfalia at 800-673-2522, 717-764-1115 or visit case packing and handling products at www.westfaliausa.com.

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