Email Alert Promotes Efficiency for CHEP Customers

CHEP paperwork1CHEP Australia has announced an epansion to its customer service offering with a new email alert designed to reduce equipment losses, aid customer account management processes and improve trading partner relationships.

The email alert notifies a CHEP user when a correction or reversal has been performed on their account by a trading partner. Transactions may be corrected or reversed by a trading partner for a variety of reasons, including queries on dates, equipment type or quantity.
Investigating and confirming corrections and reversals can be time consuming if not done quickly, and unresolved transactions can lead to disputes between trading partners.

“Nobody wants to get a shock from their invoice,” states Mark Harvey, CHEP’s Customer Experience Manager ANZ. “The new email alert brings greater transparency to the trading partner relationship and will help increase efficiencies in managing your CHEP account.”

A pilot daily alert, launched in March 2014, sought to address these issues.

chep equipment management1“We had such a great response to the alert in our most recent round of Customer Forums that we decided to roll out the alert nationally taking a phased approach,” says Harvey. “But if anyone wants to start receiving the alert immediately, they can call our customer service team on 13 CHEP and we’ll activate the alert for them within two working days.”

“As a result of this new functionality, I am able to action any correction/reversals raised against my account prior to invoice,” offers Heather Daly, Pallet Controller with PPG Industries, who has tested the software. “I find this function a very good tool that, if utilised correctly, has the potential to open up lines of communication with trading partners which previously did not exist, and supports healthier pallet management.”


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