Roundup: RM2 Pallet Approved by Major U.S. Retailer, Plasgad Introduces Distribution Pallet Line, Elkhart Plastics, Inc. Introduces New Rotomolded Pallet

RM2 Pallet Approved by Major U.S. Retailer

RM2 has announced that its composite BlockPalTM pallets have been approved by one of the largest U.S. retailers for use by its suppliers, effective February 1, 2017.  According to the release, “The Board is highly encouraged by this development, which represents a significant milestone for the validation of the BlockPalTM product and significantly enhances its profile and potential customer base.”


Plasgad Introduces New Plastic Distribution Pallet Line

Plasgad Distribution Pallet is available with or without a bottom deck

Plasgad describes its new distribution pallet as a powerful new series that offers outstanding nesting capability and high durability for hundreds of rounds. It explains that the development of the distribution pallet series was born out of the need to answer market demands for durability, multi-functionality and cost effectiveness. The company believes its distribution pallet proved to be the ideal solution.

Distribution pallets come in 1200X800 mm and 1200X1000 mm footprints, with a weight of 8 kg and 10 kg respectively. They are offered in a variety of versions. Enhanced nesting capabilities provide a significant space savings advantage in transit as well as in storage. 

“The creation of a series of distribution pallets presented an interesting challenge for the Development Department,” stated Iftah Poran, Plasgad VP R&D. “We wanted to develop a smart and advanced product that could cater to all stages of the process. The pallets come with three safety rims options, one of which is specially designed for plastic crates. We wanted to put emphasis on a key customer pain point which is the sliding of goods. In order to avoid such situations, we deliver three levels of non-slip surface: Firstly, are integral dots on the pallet to prevent slipping. Another level offers the possibility to add rubber anti-slip gems that support goods and prevent slipping on the forklift. The third level offers anti-slip strips along the pallet.

“In order to optimize customer control processes, pallet tracking can be performed in several ways, including the addition of a bar code label, a QR Code and an RFID adhesive label. In addition, as part of their production process customers can also add a serial number to each pallet for better fleet management. All these features contribute to securing fleet management as part of the distribution process. A final point which I consider to be a huge benefit and important to note is the pallet split leg design. This structure effectively prevents “holes” in the pallet and help to ensure maximum and quality support for goods.”

The particularly strong distribution pallets can carry 3,000 kg/6613 lb in static mode and 1,000 kg/1204 lb in dynamic mode. Pallets can be easily cleaned and are hygienically safe with no fear of pest infiltration, more than satisfying rigorous international regulations such as the World Food and Pharmaceutical Administration.

The distribution pallets are reusable and fully recyclable at the end of the work cycle. 

Source: Plasgad


Elkhart Plastics, Inc. Introduces New Rotomolded Pallet

Elkhart Plastics, Inc. (Elkhart Plastics) is excited to unveil durable and reusable plastic pallets as its newest product. Made with the same rotomolding technique as its existing line of custom and off-the-shelf plastic products, these pallets offer longer life expectancy and lower costs to traditional wood pallet users.

Plastic pallets from Elkhart Plastics are American-made at the company’s Middlebury, Ind., Littleton, Colo., and Ridgefield, Wash., locations and shipped worldwide. These double-wall pallets provide material handling solutions to a variety of industries including printing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food processing, and chemical-based markets.

Available with and without steel reinforcements, Elkhart Plastics offers customizable designs from the utilization of food-safe resins and recycled content to the inclusion of a raised lip or flat top and a variety of colors. These versatile pallets can be handled with both four-way forklifts and pallet jacks.

“The Elkhart Plastics team has worked diligently for months to develop a plastics-based pallet that includes the best features of its wood predecessors and goes beyond to offer additional value and customization,” said Jack Welter, CEO of Elkhart Plastics.

“Our rotomolded pallets can be stacked, racked, washed, and reused thanks to specially selected polyethylene material that offers a life expectancy of more than 10 years,” Welter said. “We know that pallets are investment; we hope to help our clients get more life and functionality out of that investment. The pallets themselves can also be recycled.”

Elkhart Plastics can design and manufacture a variety of pallet designs in low-volume production as well as high-volume runs of 500 or more.

Attendees of the WestPack show on Feb. 7-9 in Anaheim, Calif., are invited to learn more from Cullen Jones, Elkhart Plastics’ Director of New Product Development, in booth no. 4975.

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Source: Elkhart Plastics


New Free Guide to Controllers for Small Assembly Robots
Helps prospective buyers better understand the devices used in robot programming, operation and communication with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

DENSO Robotics has announced a new free guide, “Small Assembly Robots: Evaluating Controllers.”

“A robot controller plays a critical role in programming and operating the robot, as well as communicating back and forth with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),” said Peter Cavallo, robotics sales manager, DENSO Products & Services Americas, Inc. “Understanding controller features is, therefore, indispensable in making an intelligent buying decision.”

The six-page guide answers this need by providing essential facts and information about controllers for small assembly robots, which are used in traditional manufacturing sectors, as well as in advanced-technology applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

The guide is available as a free download from the DENSO Robotics website at (207 KB).

DENSO is the world’s largest manufacturer — and user — of small assembly robots, employing over 17,000 of its robots in its own facilities. Over 77,000 additional DENSO robots are used by other companies worldwide.

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