Eco Pack Unveils Next Stage of Produce Containers

New shipping container with easily assembled reusable frame is designed specifically to help suppliers and retailers reduce costs, improve hygiene and increase efficiencies

New Orleans: Eco Pack Systems, a groundbreaking maker of transport packaging, is rolling out its new low-weight container solution to the US market. The new container, introduced recently at PMA Fresh Summit here October 19-21, enables fully customizable point of purchase branding, dramatically reduces transportation costs and is made from food grade material. It maximizes food safety, reduces product spoilage and damage with maximum airflow control and is the most sustainable packaging solution available today. 

The patented Eco Pack system consists of an easy-to-assemble reusable plastic frame and two lightweight plastic sleeves that together create an economical, multipurpose, recyclable box. The frame has the same dimensions as standard paperboard cartons and plastic crates and is suitable for palletizing. The bags are customized for specific commodities and product applications. They are also designed for optimal ventilation, hygiene, food safety and waste reduction. There are currently multiple sizes with three base dimensions at several heights, plus a unique tray for bananas. Additional sizes can be produced upon request.

The frames can easily be dismantled to promote reverse logistics efficiency and reuse. For high volume applications, equipment for automated assembly is available.

“The Eco Pack box is efficient, clean, has multiple uses and is recyclable. It’s perfect for fresh produce retailers, grower/shippers, exporters and other distributors and suppliers. We believe it provides a financially preferable alternative to the paperboard boxes and plastic crates now prevalent in the industry,” said Danny Bartal, CEO of Eco Pack Systems.

Benefits of the Eco Pack solution include:

  • Recyclable – 100% reusable packaging that can be recycled indefinitely
  • Weight – 50% less than similar cardboard or plastic packaging
  • Economical – 30%-70% lower cost than competing packaging systems, as the frame is reusable and only the recyclable sleeves need to be replaced
  • Hygienic – New, clean box every time, with an optional fully organic biodegradable sleeve
  • Green – Lower energy requirements for production and in transportation than any other solution
  • Versatile – Suitable for a wide variety of products, including fruit, vegetables, seafood, baked goods, dairy and fresh meat and poultry.
  • Customizable – Fully adaptable sleeves for a wide variety of merchandising applications.


Founded in 2008, Eco Pack Systems is a privately held company that markets a unique, patented container solution to the extended retail supply chain. The solution offers users cleaner, greener and healthier transportation of fresh and processed foods at a reduced cost. More information on Eco Pack Systems is available at