DW Reusables responds to the drastic changes in consumer behavior by adapting beverage crates for home delivery

Sustainable (R)Ecommerce lids transform crates for the beverage industry as a solution for safe and hygienic home delivery of beverages

reusable crate beverage with lid

Due to the closure of the catering industry such as restaurants and pubs, and massive cancellation of events, breweries depend on direct sales to individuals. At the same time, there’re some drastic changes in consumer behavior. In order to stay home safely, consumers prefer groceries to be delivered at their doorstep and pay contactless. These shifts are likely to stick post-pandemic. 

Breweries need to build new relationships with consumers and many initiatives for the home delivery of beverages are already being launched. In order to respond quickly to this demand, DW Reusables designed the perfect solution to adapt beverage crates, so they can safely and hygienically be delivered at the consumer’s doorstep. 

A resealable lid that fits most beverage crates instantly transforms standard injection molded crates into reusable home delivery or E-commerce packaging. The lids, which are fully reusable and fully brandable thanks to IML labels, contain a special chip that communicates with an app when the crate has been consumed to arrange for collection of the crate. At the same time, the app can go to an e-commerce website to place a new order, increasing customer loyalty, because when customers buy a crate of their favorite brand, they usually exchange it for a new one. 

With the sealable, hygienic lid, Ecommerce becomes a credible and highly repeatable route to market for breweries and distributors with minimal logistics investment.

The crates and the lids are strong and durable, and ideal for safe transportation of reusable bottles. They are easily stackable when not in use, using minimal warehouse space, and sealed crates can also be stacked both in columns and cross-stacked. For the return journey from the consumer, the crates are easily resealed with a simple turn of the wrist. The lids have a lifespan measured in years and are fully recyclable after their useful long lives.