Dutch Retailer C1000 Chooses Low-Noise Rolling Pallets

C1000 is the first Dutch retailer to start using the ‘CC Low Noise Rolly’, a rolling ½ pallet from Container Centralen. The difference between the old CC Rolly with hard plastic wheels and the new load carrier, CC Low Noise Rolly, is unmistakable: The CC Low Noise Rolly has soft rubber wheels which reduce the noise emitted from a rolling pallet to less than 60 dB(A). This means that C1000 can deliver products to their supermarkets without disturbing local residents – especially in the early hours of the morning.

The new CC Low Noise Rolly will replace the two current rolling pallets at C1000 completely. The supermarket chain will save space in their warehouses, and will also benefit from a higher turnover rate on the rolling pallets.

PIEK Standard

The CC Low Noise Rolly has been tested by TNO (a Dutch independent scientific research organization) and has obtained the PIEK certification. PIEK is a Dutch programme for developing quiet methods of distribution to assist transporters, producers and retailers in meeting the stricter noise level requirements set by local authorities. To achieve the standard, each product is acoustically measured and must function emitting under 60 dB(A) at 7.5 meters from the sound source. This is the equivalent of the noise level of normal conversation. It is then deemed suitable for out-of-hours delivery that will not cause noise disturbance to nearby residents.

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