Durable Nameplate Provides Identification Solution for Reusable Plastic Bins

Global Produce Nameplate1

The Durable Premium Nameplate from the Kennedy Group enables Global Produce Sales to better recover its reusable plastic bins from customers.

When a produce company was experiencing trouble recovering its collapsible bins from customers, its reusable packaging vendor recommended contacting the Kennedy Group.

Global Produce Sales, Inc., a produce shipper based in Lake Wales, Florida, utilizes over 11,000 returnable plastic bins to ship watermelons. The large collapsible HDPE bins are ideal for transporting watermelon to distribution centers. Unfortunately, Global Produce Sales was not receiving them all back from customers, and it had no way of tracking them. As a result, it found itself purchasing corrugated bins to replace the missing units.

Based on the recommendation of the collapsible bins supplier, Lee Wroten, vice president for Global Produce Sales, made contact with Kevin Marrie, director of sales, at The Kennedy Group about identification nameplates. Several samples were provided by The Kennedy Group for evaluation, and Wroten decided upon a modified version of Kennedy’s Durable Premium Nameplates for his bins.

“Working with The Kennedy Group, we chose a customized nameplate with barcodes that ensure accurate tracking and a very strong adhesive for durability,” Mr. Wroten explains.

One of the challenges for a nameplate in the fresh produce application is the need to withstand the washing and sanitization that reusable packaging is required to undergo between each trip. “The nameplates have to withstand pressure washing and chemical sanitization, Mr. Wroten adds. “Bins are often stored outside, so the nameplates have to be UV-resistant as well.”

With the addition of the Durable Premium Nameplate, Global Produce Sales can effectively identify, locate, and retrieve its bins – decreasing bin turn around time. The more quickly the the bins turn, the quicker the return on investment. As well, the elimination of bin shortages reduces the necessity of purchasing corrugated replacements.

Durable Premium Nameplates can be purchased in customized sizes, colors and graphics. Additionally they may be printed with barcode, sequential number, and/or human readable identification. Embedded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is also available. Thanks to the efficiency and accuracy of data collection, Global Produce Sales now has visibility with respect to how long bins are out and how many turns each bin makes in a year. It can also determine the amount of bins not returned.

Since being applied in November 2011, not a single nameplate failure has occurred. The nameplates are protected against weather, high temperature, abrasion and chemical exposure by a poly overlay topcoat.

Durable Premium Nameplates  are offered on ergonomic rolls. The Kennedy Group states that the strong adhesive eliminates the costs and problems associated with hot stamping and bolted nameplates. For more information, visit www.kennedygrp.com.

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