Reusables Get Royal Treatment: Duke of Edinburgh Opens New Loadhog Factory, Presents Queen’s Award for Sustainability

I don’t know if anyone else is old enough to remember those crazy Imperial margarine commercials. Whenever someone ate any, all of a sudden there would be a four note fanfare and a crown would appear on the head of the person consuming it. (There are still some on Youtube, no doubt). And it goes without saying that a finely engineered piece of reusable packaging can leave the material handler feeling the same way – very special.

Other than the royalty and high quality product connection, all of the above has amazingly little to do with the Duke of Edinburgh officially opening the new Loadhog Factory in Britain, and at the same time, presenting the Queen’s Award for Sustainability to the company. Loadhog is a manufacturer of reusable packaging, including the Pally, which we have featured at

Loadhog shares the space with Gripple, its sister company. Combined, the companies have sales of £ 35 million, and employ 350 people. Over 80% of production is exported. The company says it made a £ 1.5 million sale of its stacking system just last week to Australia.

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