Ductor is revolutionizing the biogas industry

Ductor Corporation has a mission to transform biogas plant economics and promote biogas as one of the most important renewable energy sources while supplying essential food production components as fertilizers in a sustainable way. The solution is patented Ductor® fermentation technology.

The company has developed a process that removes ammonium inhibition in biogas fermentation. This breakthrough will open a variety of new possibilities to improve the biogas economy and nutrient recycling.

Removing over 60 percent of the nitrogen – before biogas fermentation – is a groundbreaking innovation for the biogas industry. Manure, like chicken litter, has become a feasible feedstock for biogas. The European biogas industry alone can generate a further €1 billion in profit, and simultaneously cut CO2 emissions by 1.5 million tons. On top of that, over 811,000 ha could be released for food production from energy crops.

The solution is simple and straightforward

Ductor® fermentation technology adds one fermentation step –prior to biogas fermentation- and a nitrogen stripping unit. The technology can be added to biogas plants of many different sizes, and unit operations do not require skills beyond normal biogas plant operations. ‘’We have tried to keep it simple and straightforward – and we feel we have been successful’’ says Ari Ketola, CEO at Ductor Corp.

Ductor’s microbiological innovation eliminates the nitrogen dilemma by turning problem waste into profitable recyclable goods. The company sees tons of “waste” being turned into renewable energy economically and efficiently shortly. The pilot plant in Finland has used 100 percent chicken manure with water recycling in the biogas process with no problem.

Ductor’s technology has a global market

The first industrial-scale demonstration Ductor® Add-On plant technology will be built in Germany. The German market is the focus, as current legislation supports the improvement in profits. Several sales contracts have been signed in the northwest of Germany. However, Ductor’s technology has global market since the demand for solutions to improve the profitability of biogas production is tremendous everywhere.

Ductor Oy (www.ductor.com) is a Finnish cleantech enterprise established in 2009. Ductor’s innovation serves biogas production for nitrogen control and process stabilization. Last year Ductor was honored with the GCCA TOP 10 Winner award in Taipei.