Drum Scale From Alliance Scale Is Portable and Features Live Side Rails

Alliance Scale, Inc. is introducing a versatile new portable platform scale for weighing drums, barrels, containers, skids, and pallets that has live side rails and includes a digital weigh indicator.

The Alliance/CAS R-Series Drum Scale is a portable platform scale with easy access ramps on two sides, side rails to keep items on board, which are also live, and two built-in handles and two rubber wheels for portability. Easy to move around, this low-profile drum scale is available with a 6-digit LED digital indicator which has single pass automatic span calibration.

Featuring an anti-slip platform and a 1,000 lbs. capacity, the Alliance/CAS R-Series Drum Scale measures 42.75″W x 39.5″D x 3.5″H, is constructed of steel with a baked-on powder coat finish, and provides 1/2,000 external resolution. The digital weigh indicator includes an 18 ft. shielded cable, is accurate to within 0.1% FS, and can be mounted virtually anywhere.

The Alliance/CAS R-Series Drum Scale is priced from $1,050.00 including the digital weigh indicator and is available online at www.alliancescale.com.

About Alliance Scale, Inc.

Alliance Scale, Inc. is a value-added distributor for major manufacturers of industrial scales and weighing systems. The firm supports and supplies a wide range of scales for industrial, commercial, grocery, retail, research, and laboratory applications including software and printers. They sell and service scales ranging from portable pocket scales to counting and portioning scales, bench scales, industrial floor scales, in-motion checkweighers, on-board weighing systems, crane scales, floor scales, mixing and portioning scales, and sophisticated weighing systems for motor homes, trucks and railcars. Alliance Scale also serves the grocery and retail trades directly and offers a complete label service for both stock and custom labels.

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