DMLogic Releases New Version of Software Development Platform

DMLogic Releases New Version of Software Development Platform

STEPLogic 6 to offer more sophisticated reporting and app building functionality

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – August 3, 2017  DMLogic, LLC, experts in warehouse management systems (WMS) software and implementation, today announced the latest release of its software development platform. STEPLogic 6 will continue to offer customers the ability to easily configure, customize and enhance their existing WMS, and has now expanded its reporting and building structure while greatly enhancing the user experience including more intuitive search capabilities. STEPLogic facilitates the development of customer apps that are made easy by the utilities and automated tools built into the system.

STEPLogic 6’s new features include:

  • Chart Builder, a graphical information system which enables customers to create personalized representations of operations data for visibility to performance;
  • Multiple language support, where users can personalize and display multiple languages based on user profiles;
  • Reports Scheduler, which enables users to combine personalized reports with email to route reports to pertinent staff; and
  • Intuitive search capabilities allowing users to locate data within the database faster and easier.

The core of STEPLogic is the Process Builder and the Screen Builder. The new release of STEPLogic 6 includes a multitude of enhancements to the functionality of both to further extend their capabilities and improve the user experience.

“The release of STEPLogic 6 takes our dynamic user interface and offers users an even higher level of reporting and process building,” said Lynn Dermott, vice president, product development at DMLogic. “Giving the user an expanded process for performance visibility and reporting will allow for greater productivity and efficiency. And adding multiple language support will allow global companies to utilize the strength of STEPLogic’s customization capabilities across the supply chain, again increasing visibility and overall performance.”

STEPLogic’s powerful software development platform was utilized to develop two new standalone products released in early 2017 which will also be enhanced with this new version.

  • STEPLogic Trace is a comprehensive, federally-compliant serialization solution that supports end-to-end tracking within the distribution center. In compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Safety Act, the product meets requirements that manufacturers, distributors and retailers must be able to track, trace and report on the movement of prescription drugs and medical devices, throughout the supply chain.
  • STEPLogic Warehouse is a feature-rich WMS designed and priced to support small to medium businesses.  The first-of-its-kind, this app-based product enables users to fully customize their WMS by choosing core apps which can be modified or by building new apps quickly to meet business requirements. The complete suite of apps includes every step of traditional warehouse management system.

“With our enhanced user interface and graphic visualizer tool, the user has the ability to actually illustrate their new processes and easily capture messaging and reporting that will help reduce the time take to find inefficiencies in their warehouse,” said Robert Kennedy, vice president, business development, DMLogic. “The enhancements to STEPLogic 6 are further extending the level of sophistication and power of the core solution but also our entire STEPLogic product suite will benefit from enhanced reporting and process building.”