DIY Sector Reduces Landfill Waste by 83 Percent, Aided by Deployment of Reusable Packaging

The DIY (do it yourself) business sector in the UK has delivered an impressive 83 percent reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill, against a target of 50 percent, according to an announcement from WRAP. Furthermore, signatories exceeded the packaging-reduction target of 15 percent, managing to reduce packaging by an impressive 25 percent against the same 2007* baseline. The four year voluntary agreement set up by WRAP ran from 2009 to 2012.

Liz Goodwin, WRAP’s Chief Executive said of the announcement “The results delivered by the DIY sector are deeply impressive. I congratulate all the signatories on their achievements in what has been a testing time for the sector.

“Overall, the activities of all signatories have improved product and packaging design that make recycling easier. There is now clearer recycling guidance for suppliers and consumers, particularly with the greater use of the On-Pack Recycling Label in store.”

The Home Improvement Sector Commitment brought together key sector retailers, brands and manufacturers. Its members represent almost half of the UK’s home improvement retail sales with signatories including AkzoNobel UK Decorative Paints, Argos, B&Q, Crown Paints, Henkel, Homebase, and Wickes.

One example of a successful initiative introduced by signatories over the lifetime of HISC was B&Q’s reusable packaging system:

  • B&Q introduced its award-winning re-usable packaging system for home delivery of kitchen worktops and components. This cut packaging and reduced the risk of damage to products in transit, delivering £1 million plus costs savings per annum. The packaging has helped consumers by removing bulky cardboard packaging that would normally remain after delivery. The company has committed to 100% recyclable packaging and made progress on eliminating expanded polystyrene from their products’ packaging. By optimising bathroom accessory and kitchen tap packaging designs, and introducing smaller pack sizes, B&Q has reduced cardboard usage and saved materials, freight and handling costs.

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