Dinosaurs and Plastic Pallets: Hoffman Mineral Relies on Cabka

The following feature ran in Packaging Europe, starring the 1200x800mm (Europallet footprint) Cabka CPP 888 plastic pallet. According to the Cabka website, the CPP 888 The CPP 888 is offered in PO (one way), PE-R (recycled material, multi-trip) and PE-N (virgin material, multi-trip) formats, rackable in the one way pallet up to 500 kg and in the multi-trip up to 1000 kg.

Dinosaurs and Plastic Pallets: Hoffman Mineral Relies on Cabka

Siliceous earth is a valuable raw material. It has applications not only in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries, but also in plastic and rubber manufacturing where it is used as a filler for polymers and elastomers.

One type, Neuburg siliceous earth, is special on account of its structure: it is a naturally formed combination of corpuscular, cryptocrystalline and amorphous silica and lamellar kaolinite, found only near the town of Neuburg on the Danube. Hoffmann Mineral, a mining company based in Neuburg, specialises in mining, processing and refining this material and exports it to all parts of the world. For this purpose the company needs load carriers with high capacity, stability and cleanliness. It has found that rugged plastic pallets made by Cabka are ideal. Read more.

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