Delightful Quality Produce and CHEP Partner to Deliver High Quality Pallets

Delightful Quality Produce, a leading importer of tomatoes, corn, peppers and watermelons from Mexico, announced that it has signed a new multi-year contract with CHEP, an industry leader in pallet and container pooling solutions. Delightful Quality Produce transports its Delightful Quality® brand produce from farms in northern Mexico to supermarkets and wholesalers across the USA and Canada on CHEP pallets.

Delightful Quality Produce moved from limited-use, non-pooled pallets to the CHEP pallet pooling program primarily to address quality issues and to improve customer service. The company also wanted to increase productivity and improve the management of its pallet system.

Jose Felix, Partner and Sales Manager at Delightful Quality Produce, said, “The CHEP Program is excellent because we don’t get any damaged pallets and there’s never a mess to clean up from wood falling off pallets.”

CHEP USA Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Operations Mike Pooley said, “Delightful Quality Produce is a great example of an importer that has grown rapidly because of its ability to meet its retail and wholesale customers’ demands efficiently. CHEP is proud to be playing a role in enhancing the Delightful Quality Produce supply chain.”

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