Decker Forklifts Expands Forklift Rental Business in Response to Market Demand

With over 200 forklifts in stock and available for immediate rental, Decker Forklifts is expanding its forklift rental operations to include areas across the state of Ohio – Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo – and neighboring states, including cities like Detroit, Pittsburg and Erie.

View the list of current forklifts available for rental at this link:

Demand for forklift rentals is on the rise, said Decker Forklifts President Andy Decker. “When companies grow out of space and move to new locations, they need the extra forklifts to move inventory and equipment,” he said.

Mike Biesei, warehouse and facilities manager at Stoneworks LTD, Inc., has worked with Decker Forklifts for many years. He is currently in a long-term rental agreement with Decker, and relies on Decker for other heavy duty equipment rentals as needed.

“They’ve always been great with me,” he said. “They are quick to respond, getting me quotes when I need quotes and machines when I need machines. They always have what I need. I would recommend their rental services to anyone.”

Forklifts can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly or long-term basis, depending on the needs of the company. Dealers can inquire about Decker’s re-rental policy for discounting pricing to provide customers with forklifts and lift trucks they may not have in immediate stock.

In addition to forklifts, Decker also rents aerial and scissor lifts.

Decker Forklifts, LLC, is a national wholesale buyer and reseller of new and used forklifts. It also inspects, appraises and refurbishes all makes and models of used forklifts and offers leasing options. The company has operations or storage facilities in locations in Ohio, California, Georgia, Texas, Germany and Mexico.

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