DACO Announces a New Addition to the MACX® Line of Bulk Containers

Kent, WA, July 28, 2010 –(PR.com)– DACO has added the new MACX48® 48×48 series, manufactured by Decade Products, to their bulk container product line. Designed to meet the needs of the agricultural market, it can be mounted directly to harvesting equipment facilitating transport of produce directly from the field to the processing plant and/or onto trucks for transport to market, thus eliminating multiple transfers from field to equipment to its ultimate destination. By reducing handling steps, valuable time can be saved and possible produce damage reduced.

They are available in two height options, 28” and 20” for handling more delicate produce. Like their family member the 48×40 MACX® series, these heavy-duty, yet lightweight bins can be moved by hand when empty, are available in solid or vented versions and have load capacities of 1,000 and 1,500 lbs.

The environmentally conscious MACX48® 48×48 is reusable, 100% recyclable and unlike its wood counterparts, they will not splinter; harbor pests, pathogens or mold; and meet USDA / HACCP standards for direct food contact. Their smooth interiors can be easily cleaned and sterilized to meet sanitary requirements and because they are reusable and ultimately recyclable, they don’t need to end up in landfills.

Standard features include stackable 10 high, when empty, to save storage space; rounded inner corners that help to reduce bruising of product and improve quality of goods; and vented sidewalls allowing for faster cooling, drying and processing times.

DACO, established in 1972, and Decade Products have teamed together for years to bring their customers quality, high performance bulk containers for use in their harvesting, processing, storage and transportation operations. DACO is always looking for new and innovative products to offer their customers and are very excited about the new MACX48® 48×48 series and its many benefits to the agricultural market. They can be purchased on their website at www.dacocorp.com.

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