Custom Built Plastic Pallets Tailored to Specific Needs

One of the attractions for an extruded profile pallet product is that the profile material can be cut to length for custom applications that are not already addressed by expensive plastic molds. small-pallet

One company offering this approach is Custom Built Plastic Pallets, manufactured by Jifram Extrusions, Inc. It builds pallets from extruded profile, 100 percent recycled PVC plastic. The company has introduced a variety of completely customized plastic pallets that are built to fit specific needs – including a 20-foot long pallet!

Jifram Extrusions, which will be displaying its products at PROMAT 2013,  says that the precise fit can stop damage because it eliminates movement on the pallet, while enabling the pallet user to efficiently cube out a truck or container that is export friendly with no “shipping air.” Custom sized closed loop pallets streamline the material handling operations further because manufacturing floor space is also maximized.  Additionally, it adds, the solid construction of the plastic pallets ensures years of service.bottom-pallet

Here are a few examples where Custom Built Pallets have provided tailored solutions yielding big results.

1.  Electronic Control Systems Manufacturer
This manufacturer of massive control systems for overhead cranes utilizes a specially designed 20’ long channel.  In the past, wood shipping pallets were fastened together to provide a shipping base for these long conduits. However, the makeshift wood pallets would splinter and break, many times being disposed of after just one shipment. Now, custom built plastic pallets are designed to fit the channels exactly. In addition, the solidly constructed plastic pallets are returned for repeated reuse in the closed loop system.

2.  Winery
The company’s requirements called for a small volume plastic pallet solution that would handle a static weight capacity of 25,000 pounds, supporting multiple 5000 gallon wooden tubs of wine. In addition these pallets had to be washable and durable for the long run.

The company’s search led them to research molded pallets; however, they found that initial molding costs were exorbitant. They were introduced to Jifram’s custom built extruded plastic pallets and found they provided the perfect solution for their requirements. In addition to superior structural strength these pallets are completely washable and hygienic and offer a multitude of safety and operational advantages.

Jifram Extrusions Inc.’s Custom Built Plastic Pallets are made from 100% recycled rigid PVC plastic and are recyclable. For more information about Custom Built Plastic Pallets, visit


  1. Kenneth Lachey says

    I’m looking for 60″ x 60′ 2- way plastic pallet to hold 5000lbs and it won’t be racked.
    Ken Lachey

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