Creative Ways to Reuse Packaging You No Longer Need


Ideas on what to do with unneeded reusables from Container Exchanger.

Let’s say you’re a savvy business owner who is conscious of the company’s carbon footprint and prefers to find the green solution whenever possible, so you reuse your packaging materials. Perhaps you buy used or refurbish materials instead of new ones. Maybe you always strive to give new life to you shipping materials by reselling them to another company when you have no more use for the item.

Durable transportation materials are made to withstand long term use, often times lasting for many years. Companies who reuse these containers are not just applying smart business practices but conducting a perfectly safe technique. As long as the reliability of the packaging containers are not compromised, the contents can expect a normal and safe delivery in used and refurbished shipping materials.

But what happens when you have exhausted all possible uses for an item? What does the end of the line look like for packaging materials such as wood pallets or wire baskets? If these materials are so durable how do they reach their end of the line?

Certain situations call for new materials, even if those old containers are still usable. Newer generations of the container might offer new features or part changes. Perhaps a company goes out of business, or merges with another organization and those containers are no longer useful.  So, your containers end up collecting dust in a warehouse or in a landfill. None of which is profitable for your company or the environment.

In an effort to cut down on huge amounts of waste being tossed and forgotten about, considered reusing these containers in ways you never thought possible.  The fact is, that containers, such as wood pallets, are made of durable materials, where even if you no longer have use for them, doesn’t mean that the wood itself is unusable.

Wood pallets are great to use for do-it-yourself interior design projects. Hang pieces of wood on the wall, use in the garden and create furniture such as lawn chairs, sofas, beds and barstools. Use the pallets to make a shoe rack for your home or to store food for your business. The durable wood makes it easy to refurbish and redesign pallets to give it years more of use. Plus they make a great conversation piece that you can be proud of!

Wood pallets aren’t the only material that seconds as creative home pieces. Wire baskets are great to use as storage, funky lampshades or hang on the wall. The sky really is the limit with these versatile baskets!

If you are no longer able to use other packaging or container materials such as metal bins and pallets, consider recycling the item by selling it back to the vendor or posting a want ad on Container Exchanger’s website. By doing this, you will not only make a profit from an item that is no longer of use to you, but you will reduce waste disposal costs and improve your company’s carbon footprint.

About Container Exchanger

Container Exchanger is a unique online marketplace that offers manufacturing and distribution businesses an outlet for procuring or selling used returnable packaging. Launched in 2005, has empowered companies to reduce packaging acquisition costs through access to used returnable packaging inventories and it has enabled companies to maximize return during disposal of their used packaging fleets.