Corplex UK supports Global Greenpower Education Trust STEM Project

Corplex UK is proud to have provided sponsorship and Correx® extruded polypropylene sheets to the Chipping Sodbury School near Bristol, UK to support their team’s entry into the Greenpower project 2020.

The Greenpower Project 2020 is an internationally attended competition that encourages and supports students and young adults into the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). The students use engineering skills to build a race car that is as aerodynamic and efficient as possible utilizing only two 12v batteries, a small electric motor, and a tubular frame of their own design and construction.

With the winner being the car that travels the farthest, Correx extruded polypropylene sheets proved to be the ideal material for the body construction due to its properties being lightweight, durable, flexible, waterproof and fully recyclable at the end of the season. Correx is a product of Corplex.

Over 250 teams enter the competition and around 20 events are run at race tracks around the UK each year. The 2020 car is now ready to race!

“We wish Chipping Sodbury School the very best for success in the 2020 season,” the company stated.

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