Conveyor Building Made Easy – RollerKit Light

RollerKit Light offers simple solution to building a driven conveyor system for small lightweight products.

Interroll is launching its new RollerKit Light at IMHX 2013, a new platform tailored to those involved in providing cost effective, material handling solutions. RollerKit Light is an ideal modular solution for conveying smaller and lightweight products that are increasingly found in today’s retail and e-commerce sectors.

Open the box to pre-mounted tried and tested components such as the Interroll 24V RollerDrive EC310 and 1700 series (30mm) universal conveyor rollers and simply install into conveyor side frames or machine structures to create a driven roller conveyor system. It meets all the necessary requirements, from simple design to fast installation and energy-efficient operation.RollerKitLight

See the Interroll RollerKit Light Video to see how simple this is to assemble…

Precise pre-assembled units in one package

Largely pre-mounted components dispense with the need for elaborate design and allow for fast installation. Interroll RollerKit Light is supplied as a complete module and delivered in a box with all the components you need, perfectly matched to one another, to be installed into profiles to create driven straight and curved conveyor sections.

Tried and tested key products from Interroll guarantee the reliability and safety of the RollerKit Light. The universal 1700 series 30 mm conveyor roller is available in stainless steel, PVC or galvanized steel in a range of widths.

The drive system is powered by an underslung 24 V DC RollerDrive EC310 with tangential 4-rib PolyVee belt. The conveyor rollers rest on the belt only with their own weight, which reduces energy consumption to a minimum. If load is applied to the roller, the pressure is increased and the roller is reliably driven by the belt.

RollerKit Light offers curved sections in four radii – 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees to provide the most efficient method of changing direction. Interroll has developed a decoupled round belt design, with a separate belt guide with rolling friction that virtually eliminates friction and wear. To compensate for different conveying speeds, power is transmitted to conical rollers via a friction sleeve for the curved modules, which protects and takes the strain off the belt and prevents blockages.

Pre-assembled in the RollerKit Light, the RollerDrive EC310 is simple to install and offers a long service life with enormous efficiency benefits. When the material being conveyed brakes, the EC310 feeds back energy, not only improving the energy balance of the system and reducing costs, but also ensuring that the motor heats up less in operation.

The straight sections are designed for unit loads of up to 15 kg/m and the curved sections for up to 35 kg/m. The RollerKit Light can be used to transport materials reliably and efficiently at a speed of up to 0.8 m/s.

Depending on the type of unit loads to be conveyed and the required throughput volumes, different conveying modes can be selected using Interroll control units, such as DriveControl, ZoneControl or ConveyorControl – whether continuous operation or zero-pressure accumulation.

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Source: Interroll

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