Contrak Offers Anti-Scratch Roll Cage, Australian Sized Folding Bin

Roll Cage With A Difference

Contrak have developed a roll cage for the manufacturing sector that is fitted with a new anti-scratch material. Sown into varying size pockets and supported by top rails and tensioned from the bottom rails, the material prevents scratches. The roll cage includes a front cover that is transparent and is dust proof. The Contrak roll has a tow bar that allows it to be towed from a number of work stations. The tow bar is spring loaded and hidden when not in use .

Australian Sized Folding Bin

Contrak is the manufacture of the Contrak folding bin, the only folding bin Australian size that is for sale in the Australia market.

The 100% food grade Contrak bin, with measurements of 1162x1162x780mm, has two gates and folds down to 280 mm – almost a three to one ratio for transport. The Contrak bin has racking locators on the feet for drive-through racking and will stack six high with 500KG in each or 18 high when folded. Each bin has two label holders and a easy peal surface that allows labels to be removed without fuss. The bin features 2-way entry, UV stabilized material, free air flowing vented base, and smooth, straight internal sidewall.

Contrak is able to supply with the company logo and company colours on the base or sides for easy identification. To dust-proof the product, Contrak designed a lid that locks onto the bin. The bin can be stacked with the lid in place. Additionally, it comes in vented and non-vented format. Inside vents have rounded sides to prevent product damage.

Contrak has a leasing programme that allows industry to lease-to-own the product at very competitive rates.


  1. Steve Rodwell says

    In regards to your article on Contraks packaging revolution, D & H Rodwell Tooling Contractors P.L have been manufacturing these systems for Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Australia for about 5 years.

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