CONTRAK Container Company Addresses Cold Chain Priorities with Contrak Cool Container

CONTRAK Container Company has developed a mobile fridge container that holds frozen food frozen or chilled goods at any desired temperature .

Mobile Cool Container

With growing customer demand and strict laws on food transportation, a complete cold chain has become more important. The most effective solution is the use of mobile refrigeration units ,powered by the vehicle’s 12 volt battery when transporting or DC power when warehousing. With these requirements in mind, CONTRAK has developed the Contrak Cool Container. The unit also operates on a Genset

Just Plug In and Go

CONTRAK“There is no need for a large freezer van,” says John Judd, Managing Director of CONTRAK. “Just move the Contrak Cool Container from one vehicle to another when loaded and use the 12 volt system,” John explains. “The unique features are advantages to industry as the units operate on 240 volt when loading in the warehouse and when transporting plugs into the 12 volt system that maintains the temperature.”

The CONTRAK Cool Containers has a temperature range from – 20 to +20, which is controlled the on board digital controller.

“Industry is now able to transport frozen goods and chilled produce on the same truck without product damage,” John stresses.

The Contrak Cool Container has an exterior measurement of 2098mm height x1180mm length x810 mm width, and can hold 900 litres with insulation of 90 mm thickness.

Contrak offers buy direct option or lease to own option. For more information, email

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